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Did you know that even Google has made moves to get in on the act of the "hotel finding business"?

In 2011 Google launched a dedicated hotel finder search tool. This was separate from the core search functionality which we all know and love.

In 2014 Google went onto license booking software from "Room 77 hotel search" which led people to believe that Google was not only looking to enable people to find hotels but they were also looking to move into fulfilment of hotel bookings as well as search. They also added a new map search facility and crowdsourcing hotel information courtesy of Trip Advisor. More recently they have closed the hotel finder facility in favour of dedicating resources to enabling hotel search right in Google search.

Alongside Google there are a slew of online hotel booking agents including and who all work purely online. At the press of a button you can have booked a hotel room(s). So why not make use of this these resources?

Many of the online hotel booking websites offer a great way to find a hotel - but you still have to do a great deal of the work! You still have to find the right hotel, check the facilities, make sure the hotel meets your business requirements, compare prices, negotiate prices if you have the confidence to do so etc.

As we've written in other articles bookings made through purely online sites are generic. One size fits all. Of course that isn't the case but Google Hotel Finder, and et al don't have any provision for personalisation. They don't negotiate on your behalf and your hotel room booking isn't tailored to your requirements. They also don't store your details to use in future bookings to negotiate prices as a returning customer.

So what should you do if you are looking for the personal touch?  That's where Booking Partners comes in.

Booking Partners

With Booking Partners each and every business client is treated as an individual with different needs. As a consequence Booking Partners tailor their services. One size doesn't fit all.

When you contact Booking Partners in essence you are forming a "partnership" where Booking partners works to understand your business requirements and goes onto ensure you get the best deal time and time again.

Booking Partners don't use pre-made pricing plans/fixed hotel rates they believe in personal, direct contact with hotels to negotiate the best possible price and to ensure your exact business requirements are met. Each time you book the information is stored and used on subsequent bookings, as a returning customer, to further negotiate prices for your company. It's like having an "in-house travel management partner" who has your best interests at heart.

As your hotel booking partner Booking Partners can also ensure that all travel is consistent with your corporate travel policy.

Of course there are lots more benefits and advantages which can't be covered here so why not call us to find out more?

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