Finding The Perfect Hotel Accommodation In Europe

When business takes you to Europe, finding suitable hotel accommodation can be difficult. The language barrier can be a problem, as can finding and negotiating with hotels (once you've done your research). However, the following advice can minimise problems and help ensure a cost effective and comfortable stay in a European hotel of your choice.

The Advantages of Going Offline

As you know, research is vital when trying to find hotel accommodation. Ordinarily, the search would start online, but it may be advantageous to use a guidebook specific to the country or region you will be staying in. Furthermore, online comparison sites can make it difficult for you to personally negotiate with the hotel you are interested in by hiding contact details. They want you to book specifically through them on their terms and at their price which can be more expensive.

You can of course circumvent booking comparison sites by taking the hotel name and area and carrying out an internet search to see if the hotel has its own website with contact details however this can be time consuming.

Contacting and Negotiating Hotel Accommodation

Once you have completed your research and have identified a few hotels use your guidebook to find their contact details or go online and do an internet search. Contacting the hotel of your choice directly has the advantage that you will be able to negotiate with the hotel cutting out the middleman. Calling hotels is better as this often puts you in a better position to haggle, but if you prefer negotiating through email, this can work too.

If you are staying more than three days, or you are booking during the off-peak season, try negotiating a lower price. If a place is too expensive, state your limit and more often than not, as long as it's not too far outside the asking price, the hotel will accept it.

Sometimes, offering to pay in cash can get you a discount as hotels have to pay credit card payment fees.

Further Ways To Save

Make sure you check which amenities and services are included in the quoted price. For example, more expensive accommodation providers often charge for Wi-Fi whereas more moderately priced places may give you Wi-Fi access for free. See "Common hidden hotel fees and how to avoid them".

All of the above tips can be very beneficial, but it takes time to do the research and contact and negotiate with hotel(s). This is where Booking Partners can help. With years of experience as hotel accommodation booking agents across Europe, Booking Partners can book the best hotel for you for the best possible price. Leave it in Booking Partners capable hands and focus on enjoying your stay in Europe.

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