Common Hidden Hotel Fees and How To Avoid Them

How many business travellers have had a pleasant stay at a hotel while on a business trip, only to be greeted with a bill that is far more than expected? Can you say you've always been happy with your hotel accommodation and hotel bill at the end of your stay? Unexpected charges are one of the biggest complaints guests have about hotels and it may be a surprise to you to find out what hotels can charge for. Not all hotels are open about these charges, so it's worth being prepared.

Mini Bars, Bottled Water and Snacks

A seemingly complimentary bottle of water, pack of chocolates or fruit left on the bed side table or desk could in fact cost you a few pounds.

Be careful when it comes to mini-bar items. Even if you don't drink or eat any of the contents of the mini bar you can still be charged. If you pick up an item and even put it back, it's possible the mini bar has sensors that automatically add the price of the item onto your bill. This can even be triggered by adding in your own food for safe keeping.

If you ask a hotel to empty the contents of mini fridge with the good intention of removing temptation, beware, you may be charged a fee for restocking the bar at the end of your stay. To avoid these charges, have all food and drink outside of the hotel or at the hotel restaurant and bring in what you need rather than giving in to the luxury of convenience - it could save you a lot of money.


Nowadays we all expect hotels to provide Wi-Fi, however you should be aware that some hotels will charge for this service. The ways in which you can be charged may vary e.g. by time online or data usage whilst the fees could also double up if you are using multiple devices. Always check if there will be charges before you access the internet.

Before you book hotel accommodation you can use to find out whether Wi-Fi is free along with other important details such as how reliable the internet connection provided will be and what connection speed you can expect.

Housekeeping Gratuities, Grounds keeping and On-site Amenities

Although ordinarily it is down to your discretion whether to tip or not, some hotels are starting to charge a set fee per day or per stay for housekeeping services. This fee is especially common if you have made a large group booking.

If your hotel has a golf course, tennis courts, a gym, swimming pool or any other activity orientated facility, you may be charged a fee. The only way to really avoid these charges is to find out before you choose a hotel, as some charges may be mandatory regardless of whether you use any of these services or not.

All of the above hidden charges can be frustrating, especially if you have to call or research every hotel to check what's included in your hotel bill.

This is where a professional hotel booking agent becomes invaluable. Booking Partners can find the best possible deals for you and take care of all the paperwork, allowing you to focus on your business rather than worrying about your hotel bill and whether there will be any nasty surprises at the end of your stay.

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