Considerations When Making a Conference Room Booking

When you first think about making a conference room booking it can be daunting. The type of venue and room you choose not only says a lot about your company's credibility, but can also make or break an event. So what's the best way of going about making your conference room choice? Start by making a list of venues that you think will be suitable based on location, size, cost etc. Then go through the list of questions below and assess how the venue and conference room measures up to your requirements.


  • Is the venue in line with your company's corporate image?
  • Will it give the "right" impression?
  • Will it appeal to your target audience?


  • Is the venue close at hand to good transport links e.g. road, air and rail?
  • Is it easy to find?
  • Is the venue near busy roads that are likely to cause disturbances?

Room Information

  • Is there a conference room of suitable size which will be able to accommodate all your attendees?
  • Is the conference room well laid out? Consider the different types of layout that would best suit your needs.
  • How easy will it be for the venue to lay out chairs and tables in the way you want (if required)?
  • Is there easy access for disabled attendees?
  • How easy is it to control the room temperature?


  • Does the venue offer facilities for presentations e.g. projector, screen, electronic whiteboard, speaker system etc.?
  • Does the venue have backup equipment if something fails?
  • Is technical support supplied if there are problems?
  • Is Wi-Fi offered free of charge if presenters want to use the web?
  • Can the venue provide refreshments, snacks or meals? Are vegetarians, vegans and anyone with specific dietary requirements catered for?
  • Does the venue have enough parking spaces?
  • Can the venue also provide accommodation if required?


  • What is the cost of the room and can it be negotiated?
  • Does the venue offer any discounts?
  • Are there hidden costs?
  • Is a deposit required and if so how much and how far in advance? When is the final payment required?
  • What is the cancellation policy? Will you receive a full or partial refund?
  • Does the overall cost compare favourably with other similar venues/rooms?


  • Is the venue available on the dates required and how busy will the venue be on that date e.g. how will this affect parking spaces etc.?
  • How flexible can the venue be if you have to change the meeting date?

On a final note it's also worth checking to see if the venue has been reviewed online. Don't just check the venue's website carry out a general search for "venue name review" or "venue name reviews" and find out what people say about them before you make a final decision.

The list above should provide you with a great staring point when booking a conference or meeting room. If however you'd rather concentrate on organising the event rather than the venue then place it in the hands of Booking Partners. Booking Partners have over 25 years' experience in conference room booking. For more information contact us on +44 (0)330 022 8643 or via e-mail at

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