Useful Apps and Resources for Business Travel

If you or your employees travel frequently and use hotel accommodation, the following apps can remove some of the hassle from the journey and make your hotel stay that much easier.


When staying in hotel accommodation business travellers rely on a good Wi-Fi/internet signal to allow them to stay in touch with clients, to remain in contact with their office(s), and on occasion to conduct meetings on the go. However many hotels, while advertising free Wi-Fi, may not live up to the standards required by business travellers. So how can you be sure that when you get to your hotel you'll have an internet signal you can reply on?

Hotel Wi-Fi Test allows you to test your internet speed during your hotel stay (or to check how well a hotel's Wi-Fi service works before you book). The site doesn't just show the tester the results, it shares the results with everyone. Go on the site, type in the city or hotel name in the search bar and find out if a hotel's Wi-Fi is free or paid for, the overall average speed and a user rating from previous hotel guests. This tool is invaluable for hotel accommodation planning.

Finding Services

When you're visiting a new city and staying somewhere you've never been before you may find it hard to find some of the services you've come to reply on e.g. a bank or cash machine, petrol station, food or other essential amenities. AroundMe can help you find local services quickly and easily. Available on both Android and iPhone.

Need a Translator?

Another free app that will help you interact with the locals anywhere across the globe is iTranslate Translate words and phrases in over 90 supported languages with ease on your iPhone, android, Apple Mac, Windows PC or Kindle Fire with a simple and intuitive interface.

Useful Software

If you've not yet embraced cloud based software, now is a great time to do so. The Google Suite - Gmail, Google calendar, Google drive, Google sheets, Google docs, Google slides, Google form etc. are a set of online apps that are powerful and sophisticated and allow you the freedom to work from anywhere. Register for a Google account and access the apps both online or offline when an internet connection is unavailable.


Reliable, affordable and stylish, Uber brings the benefits private car hire to your fingertips. Uber has a dedicated app that allows you to request a car, receive multiple quotes so you can find a good price, track your ordered car and allow payments via popular online platforms such as Google wallet and PayPal. This app is essential if you find local taxi services are unreliable at certain destinations, or just want to travel in style. You can use to check if your pickup and destination city has Uber drivers available.

Booking Partners

Although technology has become invaluable for business travel, it can never replace the industry experience, the personal connections or the negotiation skills that a hotel booking agency such as Booking Partners can provide. With Booking Partners, you can ensure your business travel and accommodation needs are met to the highest standards and at the best possible prices.

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