Save Money on Your Hotel Booking

Whenever you're staying at a hotel on business, keeping a close eye on expenditure is always a priority. However, with so many hotel options, extras and other easy ways to overspend, it can be hard to keep your outlay to a minimum. Below are some ideas on how to make the most of your stay without breaking the bank.

Finding the Right Hotel Accommodation

There are so many ways of finding a hotel - but it takes time, patience and work. There are a great many comparison websites you can try or you can carry out a general search online for the words "hotel" and the location you will be visiting. Sometimes you can also get a better deal by calling the hotel directly once you know which one you want to stay in.

What's Included?

You need to think about your hotel stay and a set budget to accommodate it. When planning, consider the following:

Will you be having meals at the hotel? Check to see if your hotel includes meals in the cost of your stay, most hotels (but not all) include breakfast in the room price.

Is internet access included? Not all hotels include Wi-Fi as part of their packages. Some charge for internet access on an hourly basis, some issue day passes; others include Wi-Fi for free.

If you need to work is there the space and the facilities to do so? Does your room come with a desk, chair and a socket to plug you laptop or tablet in to? Are there printing and fax facilities within the hotel if they're required?

You may be more productive if you are able to unwind after a long day of meetings or presentations. If that's the case you should check to see if the hotel has any leisure facilities e.g. a gym or swimming pool that are included in the price.

Many large hotels charge a daily fee for parking. Don't forget to factor this in!

Reward and Loyalty Schemes

If you find you are using hotel accommodation on a regular basis, see if the hotel(s) you are staying at have a rewards program. Even if you're not staying at the same hotel in the same location, consider going to hotels that are part of a chain as they may have a reward scheme that can be used across all their hotels.

Location, Location, Location

You don't always have to stay in the centre of town. Town centre hotels tend to be more expensive than those which are a few miles out of town. Remember to make sure the travel costs doesn't outweigh what you're saving in terms of hotel rates.

Use a Booking Agent such as Booking Partners

A hotel booking agent can do all of the above for you freeing up your time to run your business.

Many people think hotel booking agents are tied to just big brand chain hotels and can only work with them to find a hotel package. This is not the case with Booking Partners. We can find you the perfect hotel within your budget. With Booking Partners, you can specify your exact specific needs and we'll research your requirements whilst utilising our relationships with hotels to negotiate prices down.

Make your next hotel stay worry free and concentrate on what matters to your business and your clients.

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