Planning Your Conference Guest Speakers

When you are planning a conference and need to make sure your conference room booking is in good hands then working with established conference booking agents is a must. Once you've worked out your requirements you can leave the conference venue, set up, timings, equipment, syndicate rooms, lunch, teas and coffees, dinner etc. in the conference booking agents control and concentrate on the nitty gritty details like your guest speakers.

Conference Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are a critical element of any event as the right speakers will impact attendance numbers. Choose the right conference speakers and your event will be successful, choose the wrong speakers and you will be fighting an uphill struggle from day one. Choosing the right guest speaker doesn't have to be a headache. Utilise a few of the following tips and choosing the perfect guest speaker will be a lot less challenging.

Choosing a Topic to Suit Your Audience

When planning any event your focus must be on defining your target audience. When choosing a guest speaker the process is no different. Once you have a clear picture of your audience, brainstorm a variety of topics that your audience will learn from and enjoy! For example speakers for a business event for employees could cover a variety of topics including time management and efficiency, team building, innovation, motivation and productivity, health and safety or IT development skills.

If you have an audience with a wide range of skills (such as web development companies who have in-house designers, developers and copywriters) choose specific topics that are aimed at a specialised group and broad topics that the majority of your guests can benefit from. For example, the previously mentioned topic of team building would cover guests from all kinds of backgrounds.

Choose the Right Type of Guest Speaker

Conference topics are important, but you should also consider a speaker's presentation style. Comic speakers generally convey their message with a sense of humour. Motivational speakers are inspiring and great for covering topics such as team building, productivity or innovation. Industry or specialist speakers are experts in their specific field. Industry speakers are therefore best for professional events that focus on a particular industry or market.

It's worth viewing speakers "in action" either at a conference or via "demo reels" on their sites or via online sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. In most cases speakers won't be adverse to sending you examples of lectures they have given if they know you are genuinely interested in them as a speaker.

Your Conference Room Booking

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