Our 5 Tips When Booking a Hotel Room

Whenever you're planning a business trip, especially if you're going to a place that you've never been before, you'll need to do your research in terms of which hotel you should book.

Research is vitally important if you want to make sure you end up staying at a hotel that's right for you.

Below are our 5 tips for booking a hotel room:

  1. Paying top prices doesn't mean that it will be the perfect hotel for you. Some smaller hotels have excellent reputations and because they are small they'll go the extra mile to accommodate their guests. So don't limit your search to big name hotels only!
  2. Check where the hotel is based. Is it central to town or on the outskirts? Out of town hotels are nearly always cheaper than staying right in the city centre. If you choose an out of town hotel think about whether you'll need your car or other transport to get around. Also check how close public transport links are to the hotel.
  3. Check what facilities the hotel has to offer. Don't make assumptions about what's included in the price. Check to see if you have to pay extra e.g. for breakfast, for gym access (if available), Wi-Fi and car parking etc. It's also worth checking how reliable the hotel's internet access is and if high speed connections are available. Not all hotels will match the standards you are looking for.
  4. Ask if the hotel has a membership or loyalty program and what benefits comes with it. Check to see if they offer a discount if you book well in advance or if they have any special offers at the time of booking. You can also try asking for a room upgrade. Hotels are always looking to entice customers to come back may upgrade you if a better room is available.
  5. Think ahead. It's important to plan in advance. Don't leave booking your hotel room to the last minute. If you do you may find that the hotel of your choice can't accommodate you and you'll have to start your research all over again!

As you can see from the points above it's all about research! Taking the time to make the right hotel choice before booking your hotel room can save you time, money and a lot of stress later on!

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