Hotel Booking Agents Aren't Just For Big Business - Small Businesses Can Benefit Too

Smaller businesses very often think they are too small to consider hotel booking agents. This is reinforced as SME's are often overlooked by booking agents who look for the larger volume of travel that larger companies provide. Booking Partners are different. Not only do we look after large companies we pride ourselves on taking just as good care of smaller businesses and as such we have a great reputation as both a large and small business hotel booking agent.

Size Doesn't Matter

Regardless of the size of your business, we can save you time and money. In fact we believe that small businesses can benefit greatly from our services.

How Does Travel Management Benefit Small Businesses?

Many small businesses don't initially realise just how much time they or their staff may be wasting ringing around for availability and prices when they are looking to book hotels.

By using Booking Partners for your hotel bookings you can spend more time concentrating on running your business rather than spending time researching and problem solving hotel bookings. By providing Booking Partners with your requirements and budget you can leave us to take care of your travel arrangements and any problems that arise.

More often than not small businesses find it very difficult to secure discounts on their travel expenditure. By working with Booking Partners you can take advantage of the market discounts we can negotiate on your behalf.

In addition to any cost savings available you will also only have one point of contact making it simple and easy to find the answers you need.

What Does Our Hotel Booking Service Cover?

Booking Partners pride themselves on being flexible in terms of the services they can provide.

We realise one size doesn't fit all and hotel bookings only work if they fit our client's needs. Therefore we'll gladly spend time researching your requirements with a view to providing you with a range of options for you to consider.

We're able to consider any specific personal needs that you may have or cater for any last minute changes to your accommodation plans. We see ourselves as a partner in your travel arrangements and will work with you to ensure the right arrangements are made.

We will:

  • help you put together a travel policy. This will outline the process your staff should follow each and every time they need to book a hotel or travel to a conference etc. ensuring consistency across bookings and throughout your business. For more information on what a travel policy should contain see:
  • carry out a review of your current travel expenditure with a view to providing you with the best hotel options to meet your needs and provide the best value for money.
  • review your requirements and in line with your travel policy negotiate rates on your behalf.
  • provide you with bespoke management information allowing you to fully understand and manage your company's travel expenditure.
  • offer you our bill back service. This service takes away the need for you to settle lots of bills. Instead we take care of all your hotel bills and provide you with a single, consolidated invoice for payment. As part of this process we can agree in advance a list of allowable charges and an allowance of a nominated amount.

Are Booking Partners Services Right For My Business?

The final question you need to ask yourself is: "Are Booking Partners services right for my business?"

There are no hard and fast rules regarding which businesses will benefit from having their business travel managed. In general the more travel your business does the greater the benefit and the ROI. However this is not all that should be taken into consideration when making your decision.

To help determine the answer you should consider the following:

  • Do you need a way of tracking hotel accommodation or conference booking spending?
  • Are you able to account for your employees to ensure you are maintaining your 'duty of care'?
  • Do you have one person responsible for travel arrangements or are all staff responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements?
  • Does travel planning take staff away from their day to day work and is this efficient use of their time?
  • Do you have a travel policy and is it adhered to?
  • Does your company travel enough to be able to negotiate preferred supplier discounts?
  • Does your company's travel involve frequent last-minute changes, where your employees need help rebooking and changing hotel reservations while on the road?

Even if your business doesn't do a large volume of travel it's important to take into account the factors above before making a decision.

Travel Management Booking Agents

If you're looking for a partner to arrange your hotel bookings then Booking Partners can help meet your requirements, no matter what size your business is.

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