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In today's modern world we rely more and more on technology. We access the world, the web, news and music from our mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPods and latest Apple watch etc. and we would be lost without them! A number of recent surveys have shown that smartphones and tablets are becoming essential companions for many of today's travellers.

Just like every other industry hotels have had to embrace technology or risk being "left behind". Many hotels have been taking giant steps forward in technological advancements over the past few years in order to provide customers with services that more and more travellers are coming to expect as "standard".

A Few Technological Hotel Room Innovations

Many hotels now fit out rooms with HD televisions which have USB and HDMI ports, allowing you to charge your mobile phone or tablet while watching TV - great if you've forgotten your plug or can't find a socket - you'd be surprised how many times hotel guests have to go looking under a desk or behind a bed to access a power socket to charge their laptop or mobile!

Almost all hotels now provide internet access which is an absolute must for all business travellers. This can range from standard through to very fast high speed connections. Check out how your hotel's Wi-Fi performs at http://www.hotelwifitest.com/.

A few hotel rooms now come equipped with the ability to allow guests to remotely control music and lighting, enabling guests to set these to suit their mood, whether they're working or relaxing.

Taking technology even further other hotels are now using smartphones, Bluetooth technology and apps that allow guests to unlock their hotel rooms with their smartphones. This enables business travellers to bypass check-in and could eventually mean the end for key cards and traditional room keys!

How Does Your Hotel Room Shape Up?

Of course when you are making a business hotel room booking many of these features may be a luxury but the bottom line is does your hotel room meet your needs?

When you are on a business trip it's important to make sure you have the service and functionality you require to allow you to work away without restrictions, in a room that's conducive to work as well as rest. The last thing you need is to be stressing over your Wi-Fi connection!

Booking Partners can take the hard work out of finding the right hotel for you. From the right location and the right services - at the right price, we can make sure your booking meets and even exceeds your expectations - leaving you to concentrate on your business.

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