Event Planner Top Traits

For an event planner to be great at their job there are certain things that they must be good at. In this article we'll look at some of the top traits that make a successful event planner.

1. Being Passionate About The Work / Enjoying The Job

If you enjoy your work you are much more likely to give it your all. Event planning isn't simple or easy; in fact it can be stressful and full of last minutes changes that need to be handled with poise and grace. It's therefore a given that to be successful you need to be passionate about event planning and be able to cope with the ups and downs inherent within the role.

If you're considering going into event planning you should be aware of the pressures involved, because it can be hard and trying at times. Event planning isn't always fraught with difficulties, however if you enjoy a challenge then this is the job for you.

2. Good Listening Skills

A great event planner will have an innate ability to listen and understand the goals of their clients, then come up with ideas and provide advice.

The final goal of any event and therefore any event planner is to deliver the best event experience for the client and their intended audience. It's all about what the client wants, not what the event planner wants!

3. Being Confident But Not Arrogant

It's important that an event planner is confident in their abilities and comes across as such without being arrogant. Clients want to feel they are in safe hands and know that they can trust that "their vision" of the event will be brought to life.

Any event planning experience you have may prove to be invaluable. Ensuring that things you know won't work are weeded out, and things you know work well mesh with the client's vision, will help ensure the event flows smoothly.

4. Attention To Detail

It's true what they say - "the devil is in the detail". Attention to detail is vitally important. Keeping on top of every little detail isn't simple - especially when you are dealing with large events. As an event planner, you need to be able to keep track of all the details and know when they change and understand how that change may affect other elements of the event.

To make this task easier you can use event management tools but this doesn't mean that you can or should abdicate all responsibility. After all if your software tools fail you may find that you have no idea what to do next, so it's important to maintain a good awareness of where you are in the planning process for each of your events.

5. "The Vision"

As well as being able to manage all the individual details it's important that you are also able to "see the big picture" when you are planning an event.

With so many disparate elements that need to be brought together at just the right time, including the event date, venue, theme, speakers, marketing, sponsors and catering there is an inordinate amount of things that can go wrong or be missed. Bringing each of the individual details together to form a cohesive event thereby bringing the clients vision to life is a trait that every event planners needs to have.

6. Being Prepared and Planning for Contingencies

All good event planners are aware that things can go wrong. Details will change at the last minute and you need to be prepared.

Planning for contingencies by having plan A, B, C, D, E . . . will keep you one step ahead and will ensure that when something doesn't go to plan you are prepared.

7. Being Flexible

Event planners must be ready to be flexible and make last minute changes quickly and seamlessly! As things change it's your job to adapt, plan and build an amazing event, even when working amidst constant change and turmoil. Being adaptable and resourceful will stand you in good stead for dealing with any issues that arise.

8. Staying Level-Headed Under Fire

While all else around you lose their heads it's important that an event planner keeps cool under fire. Event planning isn't a good fit if you're prone to panic.

There are a lot of people who will be looking to you for guidance so remaining calm and thinking on your feet will make all the difference between keeping your client's confidence and being successful or making an already fraught situation worse, not solving the problem and more than likely losing your client's respect.

Event planning is all about making sure the event meets, or exceeds, the client's and attendees expectations. You want the client to look back on the event with a positive feeling knowing that you did a great job.

If you can stay level-headed and keep your composure when everything is going wrong then event planning might just be the perfect job for you.

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