The Countdown to the Christmas Party Season Has Begun

Still need to organise the staff Christmas party? Read on for our hints and tips to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Step 1: Review Past Events

Take a look back at past events you've organised or attended and determine what worked well - informal, sit-down meal, cocktail reception, entertainment, themed etc. Draw on your past experiences to ensure you design an event that will appeal to a wide group of people.

Step 2: Venue Selection

Once you know the style of event you want you can start narrowing down your venue options. Of course, your hotel booking agent (if you use one) may already be holding some options for you in which case it's about working with your venue to bring your ideas to life. If you've not yet booked anywhere, ask a hotel booking agent to source some suitable venue options for you. Don't rule out shared party nights, if you are organising something for a smaller group the numbers can make for a great party atmosphere. We would also recommend a site visit to any shortlisted venues before making a final decision.

If you need any overnight accommodation then your hotel booking agent should be able to negotiate a preferential rate for you and place rooms on allocation for you.

Step 3: Allocating Your Budget

Once you've allocated your budget for the venue, food and drinks you can assess what's left to bring your party to life. Spend your budget wisely and think about what people will remember - theming and entertainment are always good areas to spend your money on. Whilst fancy invites or professional photographers could be areas to trim back costs.

You should revisit your budget regularly and confirm all costings with providers to make sure nothing has gone astray or that there are no hidden costs that you've missed.

Step 4: Communication

Circulate a 'save the date' email to let staff know when the big date is so they can block it out of their diaries now. You should send your official invites out at least two weeks in advance. One week to go and it's a good opportunity to send out another reminder to attendees. Include maps to the venue, directions for getting there, any timings they need to be aware of - and you can also chase up any stray menu choices at the same time.

On the day...

With any luck your venue will have a fantastic in-house team who will be on hand on the day to organise every last detail. But, be sure to drop in for a quick visit before the event starts to make sure everything is set up as you wish. Take with you menu choices and guest lists so you can cross reference it with those the venue have. This way you get to enjoy the party without being bothered by last-minute requests or to deal with menu discrepancies.

If you still need to source a venue for your Christmas party then we can help. Simply let us know your requirements and budget and we will do the rest.

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