Cost Effective Ways of Marketing Your Next Conference

Any conference relies on a very important statistic - attendance numbers, so ensuring numbers are high is vital. There are plenty of ways you can ensure your next conference will be a sold out hit. Find out below how to market your conference more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before.

Use What You Have

Assess what resources you already have before searching for new marketing streams. If you have social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook, advertise the event and engage with the people following and liking you. Also consider using LinkedIn, Facebook and other large social media site's which allow you to post to relevant groups. Integrate social media with registration so your attendees can help you promote the event by spreading the word to their connections. Utilise YouTube by making and uploading a video advertising your event. You could even use a platform like Pinterest to show photographs from previous events. Keep an eye on your social media accounts so you can monitor and collect feedback and don't forget to engage with the people who follow and like you all year round, not just when it comes to posting events!

If you have a blog write a post which outlines your conference and why people should attend. You can even post the link to your social media accounts and/or send out your blog post in a newsletter, updating your list with conference details. Furthermore, blogs are a great place to have "Calls to Action", so without being too forward or repetitive, don't be afraid to showcase your conference, the benefits of attending and why confirming attendance now rather than later is the best option. It's also worth considering offering an incentive to book early.

Outreach and Connections

Guest posting and blog advertising can be an inexpensive way of getting your conference advertised. Having your event appear on a well-known blog can help ensure your conference is promoted in the right places and to the right audience.

Forums are also a great way to interact with people and potential attendees. Build relationships by being helpful and active in threads and forums and they will work greatly to your advantage when it comes to advertising your conference.

Get Help From Sponsors and Guest Speakers

If your event has sponsorship or your guest speakers have their own online following, ask them to promote your event on their respective blogs or website. After all, they will benefit from a packed conference as much as you, so it's in their interest to make sure your event is successful.

Stay in Contact with Previous Attendees

If this is a repeat event, or an event that is related to a previous event you have hosted before, previous attendees should be on your mailing list. To encourage repeat attendance offer an incentive, or possibly, a time based inducement such as ten percent off the ticket price if they book within a certain time period.

Make an Event Memorable with Booking Partners

Arguably the strongest form of advertising is word of mouth promotion and recommendations from the attendees themselves. To get this virtually free, effective form of advertising, you require a top quality and memorable conference experience. With Booking Partners, you can be assured that we will work with you to meet the needs of you and your attendees, all at the best prices.

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