Corporate Travel for Disabled Employees

A little additional planning is all it takes for disabled travellers to have a successful business trip. There are ways to plan ahead when travelling for business purposes to ensure your full travel needs are met. We have provided some key elements to consider prior to your travel.

  • Apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which provides you with the right to access state-provided healthcare during your stay in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland.
  • If you are deaf or blind and need to take a guide dog abroad, make sure your dog is vaccinated, micro-chipped and has a pet passport.
  • Buy a RADAR disabled toilet key that allows you access to disabled toilets throughout Europe.
  • Select a hotel that has disabled facilities to suit your specific needs, such as handrails in the bathroom. Contact the hotel before you book to speak to the proprietor about your needs. Your Travel Management Company should liaise with the hotel for you.
  • Contact your airline operator in advance. Wheelchair users might have specific needs, which the airline must be made aware of. Be sure to specify if you can or can't walk and request an aisle seat if you need one.
  • If you need medication for your condition, ensure you bring additional supplies just in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Store all medications and other necessary medical supplies in your carry-on bag. Make sure it's accompanied by a doctor's letter to show to airport security. If possible travel with two complete packages of essential medication in case of emergency.
  • Many car hire companies provide adapted cars for disabled travellers, and the Blue Badge Scheme is operational in many European countries.
  • Some destinations might not be suitable for wheelchair users - hot climates make manual wheelchairs hard work, as do wet climates where muddy paths pose a problem

Here at Booking Partners we can tailor your travel needs to fit your circumstances and will ensure your hotel accommodation is chosen with your specific needs in mind. We focus on your needs allowing you to focus on your business meetings.

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