Getting Conference or Event Sponsorship

Events and conferences can be expensive and there is always a juggling act when trying to keep quality to a maximum while keeping within budget. With so much to consider and only so many ways to minimise costs without cutting corners, having sponsors can ease the financial burden allowing you to focus on putting together the quality meeting or conference your attendees deserve.

With this in mind it's worth considering looking for sponsorship for your conference or event. Finding a sponsor can be difficult so this article aims to provide you with a few pointers in finding a sponsor(s) that's right for you.

Your Target Audience

Consider what audience you will provide to sponsors. Age, gender, needs and interests of your attendees all need to be considered to realise a target demographic that a company would be interested in selling to. Make sure you've done your research. Find out the spending power and purchasing habits of your target market.

Identifying Sponsors

Once you've established your audience, think about which businesses and companies are likely to be interested in reaching your audience. Whether it's promoting a particular product or increasing brand recognition, how can your event realise these aims with attendees?

Plan With a Sponsor in Mind

Alternatively you can plan your event or conference with a company or companies in mind. You will still need a sponsorship proposal but part of this could be that they will be included in the planning process so they can have a say as to what they need right from the start. This can be very appealing to a company that has specific requirements or if you are not sure exactly how they would prefer to promote themselves. Be willing to accommodate their needs as much as possible, but don't unfairly compromise your own needs. Create a plan that both parties will benefit from.

Sponsorship Proposal

Put together a sponsorship proposal and include information on what you do, your message and aims, what benefits will come from sponsoring your event, your demographics and a package of sponsorship levels wide enough that smaller businesses as well as larger companies can find a level that suits their needs and budget.

Contact and Follow Through

Use the "personal" touch, contact potential sponsors by telephone in the first instance rather than email. When you're courting sponsors, always do what you say or promise and don't forget to follow up! Quite rightly, sponsors want to see professionalism and commitment before they commit themselves and their money. You get one chance to make an impression, make sure it's the right one.

Use Booking Partners to Your Advantage

When planning your event or conference you can't forget the venue. Booking partners can ensure the perfect venue is identified and booked to maximise your sponsors opportunities for product or brand promotion. All you have to do is know what you and your sponsor needs and Booking partners can do the rest.

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