Business Travel - Productivity & Work-Life Balance

Traveling abroad for business is becoming a necessity for many businesses in today’s fast-paced world and demand for business travel remains strong despite global economic uncertainties. Business travel abroad can both be stressful and exhausting, especially if travelling between different time zones and employees are becoming more & more productive than ever whilst away. In today’s article we look at how to maintain productivity with a good work-life balance whilst away on business.

Plan Smart

To optimise your productivity, plan ahead to make sure you are familiar with your hotel, meeting or conference venue and/or event destination. Ensure your travel provider has booked the most suitable hotel accommodation for your business needs. Check that reliable transportation arrangements are in place to ensure a smooth, efficient transfer between venues. Keep all travel information together with key contacts should any unforeseen problems occur. Familiarise yourself with restaurants and cafes nearby with Wi-Fi access for any lunch or coffee breaks.

Utilise Technology Effectively

Synchronise all the tools and devices you will need during the trip. This way you can have access to the data you need to continue your work while travelling. Fully charge devices before you leave the UK. Having suitable Powerpacks for your devices would help with any battery failure moments.

Utilise Downtime

Whilst in the airport or on the aeroplane use your time to prepare & plan work in advance, then give yourself plenty of time to engage in some relaxing activities like reading or watching the TV entertainment and try to nap whenever possible. This is important if you have a full schedule of business activities on arrival.

Managing Work Commitments

Turn your hotel room into a productivity den, but also turn your computer away when possible for a couple of minutes and try a brain training game, such a Sudoku as these boost your cognitive flexibility. Reply to important & relevant emails only and do not get caught up in aspects of work that does not require your immediate attention, no matter how tempting it may be.

Schedule Key Family Phone Calls

Keep a scheduled time for contacting loved ones. A call to a family member or friend will help keep you in touch with your home life and you and your loved ones will feel more balanced and content.

Sleep Routine

If you are not flying into a significantly different time zone you will not need to be concerned with jetlag. However, if you are someone that finds it difficult to sleep in a different bed, create a sleep routine and stick with it. This could involve using a white noise app, an eye mask, ear plugs or winding down with a relaxing activity like yoga. Establishing a sleep routine should ensure your body is ready for sleep.

Make ‘You Time’

Make time for yourself during this business trip. Visit a place of interest or visit the restaurant you would like to try. Utilise the hotel’s facilities such as the swimming pool, spa or gym. It’s easy to let work consume your thoughts completely when you’re on a business trip but this one break will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance so you can fully dedicate yourself to the work you need to engage in for the rest of the time you’re there.

Remember staying well balanced throughout your trip will have a positive impact on performance and business travel productivity.

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