Building Your Hotel Programme

One of the best ways to try and reduce your annual spend is to create a hotel programme which limits your bookings to one or two properties within each location. If you drive the majority of your bookings through one hotel you will most likely be able to set up a corporate rate if you meet the minimum number of room nights required. Read on for our step by step guide to building your company’s hotel programme.

Step 1

The first step is to analyse your hotel booking expenditure, key locations, room night volumes and booking patterns. Ideally, to set up a corporate rate you would need to book at least 100 room nights per annum. Although, this can vary from hotel to hotel. Once you have this information you can look at how often employees are staying in one location and how much you are spending on accommodation.

Step 2

If you have a travel management company you should discuss the data and figures you have established together. You should try to shortlist around 4 hotels per key location you would like to contact for a corporate rate. Once this is decided your travel management company can begin the negotiation process. They will contact your shortlisted hotels with your requirements including your estimated room nights per annum and budget.

Step 3

When the negotiations are finished you can collate all the proposals you have received and decide whether any are suitable for your company. You can also re-negotiate with a property if you feel the rate is not suitable. When you have come to a decision you will need to accept the offer from the hotel and most likely sign a corporate rate agreement.

Step 4

Now that your corporate rate has been agreed and put in place you should keep track of the volume of bookings you are putting through the hotel in order to maintain your rate. If your room nights were to drop the hotel may re-evaluate their offer. If you ensure all your employees are aware of and adhering to your hotel programme, your annual spend should be reduced.

If you feel your company would benefit from a travel management company, Booking Partners can help you put in place a hotel programme and work with you to try and reduce your annual spend.

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