Benefits of using a Hotel Booking Agency

In this article we take a look at the benefits of using a hotel booking agency. If you arrange your own travel, or need meeting room or conference room booking services, your business may be missing out on the following benefits of using professional hotel booking agents:

Cost savings:

A hotel booking agent's experience and buying power greatly increases the chances of negotiating a more favourable rate and exclusive discounts for the business traveller.

Tracking your volumes is the key to purchasing power but this may prove challenging if booking channels are not controlled. A hotel booking agency will have the ability to consolidate your hotel data and travel spend which can then be used as a leverage with hotels for discounted rates. For businesses with high levels of hotel accommodation or conference and meeting room booking needs a hotel booking agent can negotiate and set up corporate rates with preferred hotels and develop a dedicated programme of hotels or venues which will provide you with the best options to meet your needs and provide the best value for money.

Time savings:

By using a hotel booking agency, businesses will avoid the hidden costs of employees having to spend time and effort in managing their own travel arrangements. A hotel booking agency will undertake all the tedious research involved with sourcing an appropriate hotel or venue and undertake all the paperwork on your behalf.

Cost control:

A hotel booking agency can help you to define and implement a travel policy tailored to your business requirements and budget and they will also help you to ensure ongoing compliance.

Most hotel booking agencies also offer a billback service where they will settle your individual hotel bills and provide you with a single, consolidated invoice. This will eliminate invoice administration, saving costs and provide you with detailed management information on travel expenditure.

Booking Partners understands business travel management

Booking Partners provide a free hotel, meeting room and conference room booking service for businesses. Our dedicated team of experienced hotel booking agents are on hand to organise your hotel accommodation requirements and take care of all the paperwork on your behalf. Plus:

  • Our experience and buying power enables us to leverage exclusive discounts and more favourable rates.
  • We will help you to define and implement a travel policy and ensure company-wide compliance to ensure spend meets agreed budget levels.
  • We also offer a host of added value services to enable you to manage your travel expenditure, giving you even greater cost control.

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